Friday, August 19, 2011


I really love the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone, despite the name. It takes such cool pictures and was only $1.99. I was lamenting the fact that we only had digital pictures of the baby the other day so imagine my elation when I discovered the HipstaMart on the app, where you can order prints of the pictures!! I was thinking they might come out shitty but I just received our order in the mail yesterday and they look SO GOOD! I got 24 four inch square prints for $9.99 which I don't think is a bad deal at all, especially since you get to select your favorites to be printed (unlike a film camera where you get what you shot, regardless of whether it was a good picture or not). You can get 96 for $34.99 (36 cents a piece for those that suck at math), and you can also get them in seven inch squares, ten inch squares, or a whopping 30 inch square! Oh the possibilities! The printing and shipping were lightening fast too, I ordered them on Monday this week and got them on Thursday in the mail. Not bad for shipping that was only $1.28.

I should be their spokesperson.

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Dre said...

That is awesome and I love all the photos. yet another reason to get an iphone...