Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rock-a-bye baby

*Cue violins*... My womb chair isn't going to arrive before the baby. Too bad, so sad. It was my fault for getting greedy and trading in the one that arrived well before the baby's birth for the oatmeal colored one. So I went to my nursery chair Plan B- the IKEA Poang Rocking Chair. I really liked this chair when I saw it in the store, and it's super comfortable. I like the bent birch wood and clean lines, and the fact that the slipcovers are machine washable for the projectile vomit moments in life.

I didn't want to pay $180 for a Plan B back up chair so I went trolling on Craigslist and BOOM! Found it. $70, just like new. It was even in the light gray and white slipcover (oddly named Tuna, which isn't even a Swedish word!) that I wanted, and close enough for us to drive down and pick up today. The plan is to keep it in the nursery and see if it's comfortable to nurse in and if the baby digs the rocking motion, and depending on that, replacing the horrible pink chair in our living room with the delightful womb chair I've lusted after for so long. Both will be great "lounge with the baby" chairs so I'm happy to have both.

Neat, right? It plays well with my Scandihoovian leanings. Another awesome score of the day came from Magnolia and Willow which I popped into on my daily walk (waddle).  I was looking for little side tables to have next to the changing dresser (to hold wipes and diapers so we don't have to open the drawers as we're changing the baby right on top) and the nursing chair. I've read some good advice about keeping a nursing basket close by, filled with snacks, nipple pads, a one-hand read, burp cloths etc, and I needed a small table to put that and a water carafe on. These little gold metal and glass nesting tables are perfect, and were only $15 for the set! Dealio.

I sewed that basket a while ago, not intentionally matching it to the nursery curtains, I swear.

And Elsa's pooping station. So it's weird to type this, but... I think I'm done. Oh no wait, Bird print still needs to be hung. Then we'll be done. We pick it up from the framer's on Wednesday!

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