Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Baby shower prezzies!

It's been fun setting up some of the gifts we got from our wonderful friends at our shower, and they're still coming in the mail! We got a nice balance of things we really needed (like the changing pad below!) and fun stuff not quite as necessary but still awesome to get. 

The changing pad fits great on the changing table but I think I still want to make the changing pad tray for it like the one on Lay Baby Lay. Is that obsessive?

This was such a sweet gift from our friend Annie. It's a handmade quilt that she embroidered Elsa's name on. It's so technically good too, she puts my skills to shame. The binding is even hand sewn on!

Paintings for Elsa's gallery wall! The top one is by John Culqui and the bottom one is by Nathan Spoor and they're both so awesome and personalized. The abominable snowman wearing a fez holding a baby girl? So Jeff. And then the siamese kitties blushing and swooning over the bearded schnauzer?? So me. They are perfect, I love them so much.

Nathan says Lily Mae came to him in his dreams and commissioned this piece for us. I can believe that.

My cat lamp came!! It's a lot bigger than I thought it was. It gives off such a nice glow and will be perfect for the nursery late night feedings and diaper changes. I think I like the shelf it's sitting on (got it at Target ages ago), but we're going to paint it black to match the dresser and so the cat lamp jumps off it more.  

More handmade goodness! The felt bird was made by Karen in our nursery colors and has an embroidered E on its breast. So adorable. The brown bear is a stuffed Be@rbrick replica that was a collaboration between Jerod and Mandy, Elsa's future godparents! Jerod sculpted the foam into the be@rbrick shape and Mandy sewed a fur cover it. So neat! She'll treasure these.

Gina gave us this super cute vintage blouse which she scored at Magnolia & Willow as well as a gift certificate for Granola Babies.

Look at the cute embroidered animals on it! It's so adorable I guess I'll put up with having to iron it every time it gets washed. Ironing baby clothes is otherwise ridiculous.

Sue knit this red sweater with the sweetest little ladybug buttons on the shoulder. I love it. She also bought mini Levi's and Old Skool Vans slip ons to go with it. She nailed the style, it's perfect!

This cardigan is so Mandy, of course she bought it for Elsa! They're going to match! It's awesome, and will look so cute with the little Levi's leggings Sue got her!

And diapers!! So many diapers!! We're set. This is only a fourth of the stash. We still have a bunch coming in the mail. Yay! 

And much more that didn't get photographed but is so SO appreciated. Thanks so much friends! Elsa is one lucky little fetus.


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