Saturday, July 2, 2011

Recent Etsy favorites

It's hard not to online shop when you're on maternity leave! I purposely have my wallet all the way across the house so I can't easily pull out my credit card to prevent me from unnecessary splurges, but the PayPal/Etsy partnership sometimes thwarts my efforts. Anyways, these are the latest Etsy finds tempting me...

This cat print dress from leahgoren, so cute. I wish she just sold the fabric, so many things I'd want to make from it!!

Hand printed yardage fabric from saraleeparker. I can't wait until Elsa can have little baby duvets to sleep with. Baby sized duvet covers are way more manageable to make than our queen sized one.

Annicke Mouse by HazelVillage. I can't get enough of the handmade dolls on Etsy, they are so sweet. Especially when they come with clothes.

A stamp of a polar bear wearing socks. I'm not sure what I would stamp it on, but it's pretty awesome. By Ink+Wit in the tarahogan shop.

Simple and perfect. This may have to replace the schoolhouse caged clock that is currently in Elsa's room, which is feeling a little harsh and prison-like. From uncommon.

A rooster riding a cat riding a dog riding a donkey, next to a hedgehog, squirrel, and owl. Japanese fabric is the best. From feltcafe.

Free spirit romper pdf sewing pattern. This is sized 2 years to 6T which is unfortunate because I really want to make a baby sized one for Elsa, and a grown up sized one for me. Matching of course. From babesofsweet, who has so many great sewing patterns (like this play dress). Love that they're electronic pdf's too!

Keybrids. So sleek on your keychain, I want to replace all my mismatched keys with these (and rainbow rubber rings so I can tell which key is which). From themuststashstore.

Must... resist... temptation...

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