Thursday, October 7, 2010

Who wouldn't want a gold pleather iPad coozie?

My mom went out and got herself an iPad. Soooo jealoussss... I gave her my old laptop a few years ago (which my parents actually bought for me, so I guess I gave it back) since I have my beloved work MacBook Pro that I can use all of the time, and she's been using it happily since. It was well loved and started to show its age, so it was time for an upgrade. We all thought the iPad would be perfect for her (she mostly just emails, looks at her Google Reader, and goes online) so I'm happy she got one.

I offered to make her a little snuggie for her new baby so she could toss it in a purse and bring it with her if she wanted, or just to keep it protected and scratch free in the house. She gave me free reign on fabric choices so I picked a sassy gold pleather remnant I got at JoAnn's (I swear, October is the best month for remnants at JoAnn's because of all the halloween costumes people make) for the outside and a soft camel with a baroque-ish black print flannel for the inside. I made it to be nice and snug so snaps or a closure wouldn't be necessary. I like how it turned out!

I actually liked it so much that I wanted one for myself. I had enough leftover fabric so I whipped up another for my laptop. This one needed straps since I made the opening on the wide part so I modified it a bit.

Shiny! I loves it. Mom, yours is going in the mail tomorrow, I hope you get it quickly! You'll have the most stylish iPad on the block.

This was another sewing project I don't think I posted:

I made it before we left for Scandinavia as a little welcome basket for Jen and Patrick. Jen didn't realize it was for keepsies so she left it behind. HA! Score. I wanted to keep it anyways. It's my favorite IKEA pennant garland canvas with a mustard yellow linen lining and tan leather handles. It's a nice little yarn basket now.

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