Monday, October 11, 2010

Magnolia and Willow!

A new and awesome antique and collectible shop opened in our neighborhood this week and I'm really excited! It's called Magnolia and Willow and it's only 1 block away from our house so I anticipate walking down and browsing often. I went for the first time today and was impressed. They have a bunch of vases and sewing supplies and vintage awesomeness that I like rifling through and I met the owner who was super friendly and sweet which always makes shopping more pleasant. I found a few treasures, and everything was really affordable, if not downright cheap!

They had a collection of milk glass that was tempting, but I limited myself to this one little vase. I like the hobnail milk glass vases but I thought this one was more unique. They had a ton of vintage buttons too, mostly between $1-3, and these little glass flowers made their way into my basket.

I got so excited about this next one. Vera pillowcases!! For only $6 for the pair!! I'm crazy about this print, and I'm torn between keeping them as pillowcases and making them into drawstring skirts. I'm going to have to sleep on it. Ha!

Her famous signature:

I also found this fun 70's daisy cotton fabric, so cheery.

I bought this set of 5 flower place mats for $12, I think they'd be really cool underneath a fun flower arrangement:

And my last score, which I had another freak-out over. I love these vintage chenille dot blankets but they're hard to find in good condition, with no stains, in a queen size, and affordable. This was all! It's perfect, and was only $19! I've never seen them that cheap.

I'm thinking of returning for these vintage metal drawers, they were only $9 each which seems like a great deal. Not sure where I'd put them though...

I can't wait to go again! Probably a good thing they're open only during my work hours on the weekdays, so I'll have to limit my visits to the weekend...


Nikki Menda said...

that would make such a super cute skirt for you!

Diana said...

I liked it all! Wish there was a store like that close to me, but the prices here are higher, so maybe it's just as well....
I just have a lot of fun looking in those places even if I don't buy.