Sunday, October 24, 2010

Linus the Lemon Tree

I forgot to post a picture of our cute new little lemon tree! I've named him Linus. He's a meyer lemon tree and he's pretty squat right now but the nursery promised he would grow to a good size. We're hoping his canopy will be just over the fence line for a little privacy from the neighbors. He came with a few lemons on him but they look like limes right now so I'll just have to be patient until they get yellow and I can make my lemon bars.

Our next project is going to be this huge dirt patch where the geraniums/weeds used to be. Maybe next weekend.

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Diana said...

I envy your lemon tree... Ours is puny and not generous with its fruit... I call it Lemony Snicket because it seems just a little evil. The backyard is looking great!