Friday, October 29, 2010

I can now die happy. In my Danish Modern teak bed.

My mom once said "Teak is an endangered wood because of your father!" Being a descendant of his Scandinavian blood, I too am drawn to the Danish Modern design. These were the pieces that I was dreaming of, and scored this week for a deal and a half! We also sold our old bed within a day of posting on Craigslist which made the price even better.

Check it out! I love the seller and his "TA-DA!" pictures. Part of the reason I bought it.

TA-DA! Isn't it gorgeous? I had wanted a platform bed especially because of the kitty. I was originally of the mindset that kitty should have a place to hide and feel protected and under the bed was good for that. In practice, not so great. She throws up under there, hides from us when we need to give her medication or take her to the emergency vet for butt surgery, and it's  where her fur and dust collect and kick up to aggravate Jeff's allergies. I think this is a better choice for all three of us. She still has the closet at least.

And look how cool! Hidden storage drawers for extra linens! TA-DA!

The attached nightstands kill me. I love them. I especially love that little pull out shelf for the late night apertif. Or water. Whatever.

And bonus of all bonuses: it comes with a 6 drawer dresser and mirror! This is quality stuff too. Dovetail joints and solid wood. Niiiiice. The bedroom set came from the guest room at an estate sale where the seller said it had barely been touched since it was originally purchased. This will be Jeff's dresser, because the one that I already have will fit in nicely with these pieces, and his old dresser (the one he's had forever since he was a munchkin!) will be repurposed into storage for his studio supplies until baby comes along and it goes in a nursery.

I can't wait to pick it up tomorrow and set it all up in the room! By the way, last pieces of furniture for a very long time. I love everything else we own. This bed will last us forever. Swears it on my heart.


ET said...

What can I say? As you know, and point out, I have always loved Danish teak furniture and it does not, at least in my mind, get dated. So GREAT find and purchase, Liv. Look forward to seeing it when we come down for Thanksgiving. I assume, and hope, Jeff also has similar taste to yours and likes this set, but I suspect he does. Enjoy.

Nikki Menda said...

I love it! It's so cool. :)

Diana said...

It's funny. I remember when you were a teenager you made fun of our "old fashioned" Danish bedroom set, and here you are, loving a similar one! Lily is probably thinking, what the heck happened, why can't I get under the bed?
Anyway, enjoy it!