Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Jeff bought me another bunch of stargazer lilies from Trader Joe's this week when I was at my most frazzled from a grant proposal I've been working on that *finally* went out yesterday. I've been enjoying them all week long. The scent is so lovely and permeates the whole house. One $6.99 bunch can easily be broken up into three vases and placed strategically around the house for maximum prevention of the litter box nuclear bomb that comes once a day. They're low maintenance too, we don't even change the water (although we should). I remove the stamens usually when they open because I caught Lily Mae one day with a bright orange chin. It looked like she got into one of Jan's bags of flamin' hot cheetos. Naughty kitty.

This makes me want to flower arrange. That plus a woman at my work with a very generous boyfriend who sends her flower arrangements for her desk every week gave me a box full of empty vessels. They're all clear glass but I think I'm going to coat the insides with the paint samples I bought when we sampling for the bedroom. They'll look cooler plus they'll hide the floral foam or frogs and stems. That'll be my weekend project.

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Nikki Menda said...

Nice Jeffy :) Congrats on finally getting your grant proposal out!

I keep meaning to write you back! We, unfortunately have a wedding to go to that weekend - but thank you SOOOO much for the invite! I plan to dragging Ryan to Disneyland in Nov or Dec - I'll let you know when we are down there! <3 <3