Monday, October 25, 2010

New graffiti

It wouldn't be a party for Jeff without a little paint thrown up on the fence... here are the additions from Saturday night:

My favorite of course. Matt was inspired by our Siamese cat calendar in the kitchen and is an homage to our sick little girl. I love the gold aura around her!

I think Chris brought these stencils... It cracks me up that Richard Pryor and Hulk Hogan are on our backyard fence.

Jerod brought over his roy g. biv assortment of spray paints so the backyard is now tasting the rainbow. Or throwing up the rainbow in this monchichi's case.

Poor orange got caught in the crossfire.

I'm going to move my pot o' gold swiss chard to be over here at the end of the rainbow. HA!

More birthday party pictures (and awesome costumes) to be posted soon! 

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