Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cat, plants, and beer

Isn't she the cutest? This is the part of the house that gets the first morning sun and she's on it like a fat kid on cake. She sits there so peacefully with her eyes half closed, it's as if she wasn't just throwing up all over our room twenty minutes before. GOOD MORNING!!!

Jeff is being the man of the house today and mowed our lawns and edged them and the outside looks great now. I tended to the vegetable garden, ripped out the squash plants (they were way too huge and were getting crazy- plus we harvested a ton of squash out of them already and we're getting sick of it), and planted some rocket salad, cipolla onions, garlic and I'm giving the pot o' gold swiss chard another shot. I'm still waiting for the red carrots and spinach to sprout up (planted those last week) so hopefully there will be activity soon. Our jalapenos and bell pepper plants are doing great though, super bountiful! 

We traded Jerod some mucho nachos for his haberneros, which are crazy hot. Ours are pretty hot, but his are crazy hot.  Here are our new bells, we have 9 of them on two plants!! These guys are supposed to turn yellow, the other plant has red bell peppers.

Check out the basil... nuts. I'm going to make a ton of pesto this weekend and freeze it. These plants all bolted and I chopped off the flowering tops and put them in bowls around the house. I touch them a lot because I love the smell of fresh basil on my hands. That's not weird, right?

Our cosmos came back!! I was worried that they wouldn't when we hacked everything back but now they're healthier and have a ton of new buds on them. The bees are already excited.

We have big plans for this area in the backyard. We were thinking of putting a fire pit there, but then got worried it would be too close to the house so instead we're going to take out the geraniums that are unruly and replace them with a 4x4 raised bed that will be all herbs. Then we're going to put bricks down where the fire pit was going to go and wheel the BBQ over there. Our meyer lemon tree comes on Wednesday morning so that will fill up the other side by the fence. Things are shaping up!

It feels good to do yard work after we spent last night at Oktoberfest in Torrance. We went with Jan and Miller and met up with just about every Honda employee. It was a lot of fun, but definitely not something I could keep up for two weeks. Eeesh. Aren't those letter and number balloons rad? I found the source for them and want them at every party I throw now. So festive. I also want an Andy Warhol look-a-like master of ceremonies at my parties, but really, who doesn't? This picture was taken during the yodeling contest. The winner was pretty good, you could tell he practiced a lot.

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