Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dream bike

Our birthday monies will probably go towards LM's butt bill this year so my dream bike will have to be put on hold (and maybe Jeffy's birthday Be@rbrick too...). It's a good thing she's worth it because this bike is pretty sweet. For the sake of dreaming, let's build it.

We start with a Linus bike Dutchi 1 frame in Ivory. Oooh...

Then we pimp it out with some accessories. First, the basil rear bottle basket. Two in this color please!

They hang off the rear luggage rack which I will also need of course. Grocery storage taken care of, I need a little purse to carry my chapstick, monies, and band-aids. Enter the pouch.

You're jealous of my bike right now, huh? It gets better. Last addition- cork grips. Sasssssy.

So I probably couldn't afford this bike anyways (that totals up to about $650 plus tax, yikes!), even if LM's butt was normal. A girl can virtually dream...

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