Sunday, September 12, 2010

This is what I miss when I'm out of the country and not looking at my Reader

This macaque monkey found a kitten in the Balinese forest and adopted it. I can't tell if the kitten likes it's new mother, but the monkey is totally into her. The photographer said that the monkey didn't like pictures being taken of them and was trying to shield the kitten in this picture.

Via Saipua. I need to join the group she's starting.

In other cat related news, Jerod and Karen adopted a kitten!! Jerod claims she's Siamese, maybe a flame point? He's bringing her to work tomorrow for show and tell, I can't wait to meet her! Her name is Sadie (short for Mercedes) and she's shown here on the left, next to her brother Bentley that Karen's sister Natalie adopted. SO cute! I want to rub them all over my face.

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