Monday, September 6, 2010

Stockholm Day 3!

It's actually Stockholm Day 4 right now (just woke up) and I realized I didn't post any pictures last night (sorry Dad!). We came home from a fantastic fish soup dinner (10 out of 10 stars!) with Britt and Rui, and Johanna and Jonathan, and got to see Brendan and Evah who had just arrived from gay Paris. We stayed up late chatting and playing with Jalapeno, so we all slept in late too.

We're going out on the town today to check out some stores and a few more sights, and then once again we're all invited to Britt and Rui's for dinner. Another day of good weather so it looks like the last day of our Scandinavian super tour will be a great one!

Yesterday, Britt and Rui took us out on their boat for a water tour of what we saw the previous day. It was warm and lovely on the way out, and started to look threatening and cold on the way back so we kicked the boat into high gear to jam on in.

We met at the boat harbor, look how pretty the morning was!

The ducks went crazy and thought we had bread. I was starting to feel bad for them but in the 20 minutes we were there, about 19 people came with bread to feed them. I think they were doing fine. 

Here is Jeff recreating the famous one of my dad on the fjord, looking like a "special" kid on a boat ride. 

Rui was supposed to be driving the boat here.

Britt got a ton of good pictures, hopefully she'll pass them around to us. She is a MUCH better photographer than I am.

We parked the boat outside of the city hall in the old city and had lunch on the dock. The birds quickly befriended us and this little guy was so brazen. It was worth it for him though, we weren't mean and we gave him all our treats.

More pictures here!


ET said...

Glad you had a chance to enjoy the boat trip to the city. Also sounds like you had nearly the same weather I had on the water, but we had very dark and threatening weather on the home stretch, and even some rain.

Enjoy your last day and safe travels home tomorrow. Wet talked to Sue yesterday, before she fired up the Porche and headed to Santa Cruz for what was no doubt a great day over there. She has also been enjoying your blog posts of course and look forward to talking to you both when you are back home and rested.

Thanks for letting us follow you on your wonderful vacation. GREAT job.

ET said...

One more thing, of course. Forgot to comment on Jeff's pose. He did a great job, and I will need to print it and put it next to the one of me on the refrigerator door..:-)

Brooke said...

Eilif, I LOVE that photo. Jeff did a good job too. I'll look forward to the side-by-side display of yours and his when I visit next.