Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Holy Squash!

Look at the bounty of produce we came home to! Our friends did an amazing job keeping the garden alive and thriving (and Lily Mae too!). Double gold stars to Mandy who coordinated and did the lion's share of house/kitty sitting/cleaning. Seriously, bestest friend ever.

Back to the squash- CRAZY!! I was expecting the cute little pattypans that you buy at Trader Joe's, not these behemoths! Jeff is cutting one up as I type to saute and see if they're as tasty as they are pretty. I love how pure white they are. And our jalapenos, bell peppers, lettuces, and basil are all progressing nicely too. We're excited to eat all this. Except for our dinners at Jon and Hanna's, the Folkman's, and Britt and Rui's, we weren't eating too many veggies and healthy meals on our trip. It will be nice to get back into our usual cuisine.

If anyone that lives in the area wants any squash, you let us know. We got you covered.

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