Thursday, September 23, 2010

OK Go!

I love OK Go. I love their music, I love their style, and most of all, their videos. This latest one for "White Knuckles" has the group performing with a bunch of trained dogs, it's the coolest. AND they encourage animal rescue throughout and at the end, by listing their website: I love the big dog in the middle at the end, who you can tell is trying so hard to get his trick right by looking up at his master for the cues. :)

via Dog Milk

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ET said...

Wow! That was REALLY cool. I understand very well why you love this group--and the dogs, of course. They all did great, and made me want to go out to the shelter right now to get a dog (or two!). But that would be trouble when I came I guess I will have to wait with this--perhaps until I retire.