Saturday, September 4, 2010

Stockholm! Day 2!

We slept in late this morning (sooo nice) and my aunt Britt and uncle Rui came and met us to take us out for the day. We had so much fun with them (and my cousin Johanna who met up with us for a few hours before work) and got a great walking tour of the city and then an even better dinner at their beautiful home. It was the perfect day.

I waited for Britt and Rui this morning out on the balcony with Jalapeno who enjoyed his cat grass. Another gorgeous Scandinavian late summer day... cold and crisp but sunny with clouds.

We "hiked" up to a rock that is the highest point in Stockholm for a view over the Old City. It gave a full 360 degree view, and gave a lot of Kodak moments (see here!).

We went to the Museum of Modern Art and saw a lot of great art by contemporary Swedish artists, and several other non-Swedes (that's Andy Warhol in the background obv).

We also saw an exhibit on royal weddings, since the country basically shut down in June for their last royal wedding. Check out the bouquet Mandy! We need to start making them this big. It will be the We Like Flowers signature bouquet.

This was a sidewalk planter in the city. Billy balls in their natural state!! I squealed.

We had cappuccinos on this boat close to the Museum and across from the castle. It's also a youth hostel! Was this the one you stayed at Jerod??

After sightseeing for 7 hours we went back to Britt and Rui's apartment. It's soooo awesome. They have a wraparound balcony with this view:

Not too shabby. We had a fantastic dinner, great wine, and lots of happy family time. We're looking forward to it again tomorrow, and getting to see Jonathan and more of Johanna!


Jerod said...

af Chapman! That's the one! Adventure around Sodermalm and meet the Queen and you'll have my trip in a nutshell. Sans 60 hours of MRI lectures of course.

ET said...

Glad you got to see Britt and Rui's place in person and could enjoy their fantastic view--and their great cooking. Enjoy the boat trip today and perhaps tomorrow you'll have a chance to visit the Vasa ship--which I think you will definitely not want to miss. Glad to see you liked the picture of Lily Mae and Jan enjoying each others company.