Thursday, September 16, 2010

I should probably learn how to run first...

Jeff and I signed up this morning for the Be The One Run which is a 5K fundraiser for the Be The Match bone marrow registry that I'm on. It's on November 6th in Long Beach and I'm pretty excited. Jeff has been wanting to start running in races (me, not so much) and this will be one we can both do (hopefully, I might just cough up a lung and walk the rest of the way) and it's special to me.

We also signed up for the Memory Walk 2010 which my research group at UCI does every year to help support Alzheimer's disease research. We work with a lot of AD patients and their families and it's a nice event to get together with other researchers and families and patients affected by cognitive impairment and raise money and awareness. That walk is only 2 miles so it's an easy one. And it's on Jeffy's birthday! We'll do the walk in the morning and his Glam Rock costume party at night (stay tuned for invite details...).

I'm not really doing any fundraising for these events, but if you would like to donate to either cause, I'd really appreciate the support (as would the foundations)!

Here is the link for my fundraising page for the Memory Walk for Alzheimer's disease research:

And here is the link for my fundraising page for the Be The Match Be The One Run (there's a link embedded in the post so you'll have to go to the blog instead if you've viewing this on your Reader!):

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