Thursday, September 2, 2010

Danish graffiti

Before we left the Hotel Fox in Copenhagen, Jeff tagged up their elevator. I guess it's encouraged there because there was a lot of graffiti in it, so Jeff obliged.

This is in the hotel lobby, it looks like the Norwegian jellyfish!

On our way to the train station we thought we had an hour to kill (what we SHOULD have done was go straight to the station to reserve seats on the train, instead it sold out and we had to wait for the later train) so we stopped for lunch at a high design ramen house next to Tivoli named Wagamama. The prices were reasonable and we shared a salmon and veggie ramen dish. It was divine. I like their little waiting lounge area and chandelier arrangement:

We also ordered edamame and they served it with garlic salt and chili flakes. SO good! I'm bringing that culinary tidbit back to the states with me!

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ET said...

I am glad to see you had a chance to enjoy the Danish beer I referred to in my last comment, Jeff. Hope it did not cost you an arm and a leg! Sorry to hear your train was full but in Scandinavia there is always, or almost always, another train, and very nice of Johanna to be patient and wait for you and pick you up.