Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Our last day in Stockholm

I was too busy traveling 27 hours to post about our last day in Stockholm! It was great. **DANG IT! I just finished this post, clicked "Publish Post" and realized I'm not connected to our wireless anymore and lost it all. ARGH!**

Okay, over my tantrum. Let me try to recreate... THIS was the super good Japanese breakfast Brendan and Evah made for us on our last day. I am more of a salty breakfast lover than sweet (usually) so this hit my delish spot. Miso soup, a salad with sesame oil and bonito flakes, soy sauce omelets, rice, and nori wrappers. We're definitely going to try this again.

After breakfast, Brendan took us to the petting zoo around the corner from their house- THE SAME ONE MY COUSIN JOHANNA USED TO WORK AT! Small world indeed...

The goats, lop-eared bunnies, baby chicks, and horses were so cute, albeit a little standoffish. Can't blame them, considering screaming kids are constantly trying to pet and grab them.

After the zoo we went to Brendan's studio to check out his Swedish workspace. Super cool! And we met Linda, another artist, and Amy, the studio bull terrier. So ugly/cute!

Another beautiful sunset from Britt and Rui's balcony...

And yet another fantastic meal served up by our lovely hosts. It was the perfect end to our perfect vacation. Thanks everyone who helped us have these two and a half weeks! 

The last of the Flickr pictures are here!

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