Sunday, June 27, 2010

100 Artists See Satan

Jeff and I went to an art show he was participating in last night at the Grand Central Art Station in downtown Santa Ana. It was a really interesting show and we saw a bunch of cool people there. Best part of the night? Jeff's piece sold! Woohoo! Here it is (and keep in mind, this is what Jeff thinks of when he thinks of Satan):


And my two favorite pieces of the show you ask? These ones:
Honestly, I don't see Satan in this. I see an adorable hood rat cat with skinny white jeans. Again, by the talented Mike Stilkey

This T-shirt with a photograph screen on it cracked me up. It's entitled "I met the devil" and was done by Mat Gleason.

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Nikki Menda said...

Yay! It was funny, because before I scrolled down, I was thinking - "that's what Jeff thinks of Satan? Because when I think of Satan, I think of his Ronald McDonald gets half his face torn off / skull picture." And then there was Ronald McDonald! :)