Sunday, June 27, 2010


So Gold Sparkles 2.0 wasn't meant to be. The deal at the Toyota dealership 2 miles away from us turned out to be a sweeter deal so we leased this 2010 Prius today! Which means she's mine for the next 36 months at least, and hopefully we'll buy her outright at the end of the lease agreement. I LOVE HER. She is so easy to drive, gets twice the gas mileage Sparkles did, and comes with some nice perks. We get 2 years of free maintenance from Toyota, 3 years of free oil changes from the dealership, and unlimited car washes whenever she gets a fleck of dirt on her (although I won't abuse that privilege, gotta save water too to be eco-friendly!) PLUS they hooked us up with a free Bluetooth setup wired into her!

I initially wanted the sparkly white one but the closest one is 100 miles away and they had the gray one with the Bluetooth on the lot so I conceded and went with her. I was thinking of naming the white one Snowflake and so when they told me I could only have the gray one, we called her Dirty Snowflake. A term of endearment of course. Jerod is calling her Silverflake so that will probably stick. Here she is:



Nikki Menda said...

So damn awesome!! :) And I love the name Silverflake :)

ET said...

Congratulations with Silverflake. I also think this is a cool name. And the car looks GREAT. I have colleagues who love their Prius and I am sure you will also be very happy with her. Sparkles served you well but time to move on and up.

Can't wait to take it for a spin when I get a chance.