Sunday, June 20, 2010

Garden updates!

Jeff just walked in and mocked me. "My name is Liv. I like to blog. All I do is blog. Blog blahg blahg." Whatevs.

Our garden is looking good! Check it:

Our 'pot o' gold' swiss chard sprouted right away and is now just chillin' at the tiny sprout stage. I hope they get bigger because I don't know how to cook chard this tiny.

My 'mortgage lifter' tomato plant that Adriana gave us is doing well and sprouting! I counted four mini green tomatoes on it this morning. We also planted some of my basil seedlings in the same pot, hopefully those will take off.

These tomato plants came from my work friend Dingying. She brought Jerod and I two plants each but Jerod didn't have soil so I adopted his and promised him 1/2 of the bounty. Basil seeds went into this pot too, and I'm a little worried I crammed too much in this pot, but I'm taking copious notes so if it fails, I'll know better next time.

We have a spot on the side of the garage where I want to put a potting bench. Sue showed me this picture from the Sunset magazine where they repurposed an old ladder and some wood planks to make one. I'm going to start trolling Freecyle for a ladder.

We also took out some dead plants and weeded the hell out of the backyard to make room to plant Soobee's hydrangea gift, Sean & Gretchen's bee garden gift, Gina and Chris' succulents, and Tom Broesma's miniature cacti gifts. Things are shapin' up around the McMillan homestead!

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Sue Blanchard said...

hey, "sue"'s think alike...i saw that ladder today in Sunset mag and loved it too! it would look perfect in your backyard!