Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hurl Party

Last night we went to an art opening at the new Hurley headquarters gallery space and had a lot of fun. The Kogi korean bbq truck was there, as was Longboards, a mobile gourmet ice cream truck! We lingered around it at closing and they gave us free ice creams! We had a hook up though (thanks Annie!) so that also helped. We got cookies n' cream bars dipped in milk chocolate and rolled in Oreo cookie bits. It was the best. Gourmet ice cream trucks should be everywhere. And so should hula hoops. I don't feel as guilty devouring that ice cream bar because I did my 20 minutes of hula hooping that evening. Annie, again the coolest, gave Jeff and me bedazzled hula hoops as housewarming gifts (she makes them). How cool is that? It's actually a really good workout. Annie said her friend lost 15 pounds of a beer gut hula hooping with one she made him so Jeff is becoming a hula hooper. He's pretty funny to watch. I'm a girl so hula hooping is natural (the birthing hips keep the hoop up) but boys take a little extra effort. Example:

Piece of cake. This is me at like minute 18. Here's Jeff:

Ooh. False start. #32. Not for a lack of effort, the boy just doesn't know how to shake those hips. He finally got the hang of it though.

Look how proud he is! New favorite activity. If you come to the housewarming party next weekend, expect hula hooping contests.

So back to the show. It was really neat, the featured artist, Mike Stilkey, painted on stacked books that were donated for the show. There were two huge pieces, probably like 12 feet tall, and a bunch of smaller pieces. Again, no pictures of me because Jeff is selfish and only likes pictures to be taken of him. Here he is with Mark Bodnar, a really great artist. I want one of his pieces. 

Check out Mandy's new hair cut! Awesome.
Thank God this piece had already sold by the time we got there, otherwise our bank account would have been $1200 shorter this morning.

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Nikki Menda said...

Thanks for making me laugh. Jeff hula hooping is hysterical. I agree, it's a GREAT workout! Oh, and that cat thingy at the end was awesome.