Sunday, June 13, 2010

Housewarming party!!

The house has been officially warmed. It was such a fun party! We had about 50 friends cruise through the party from its 2:00pm start time on Saturday until it petered out into a sleepover party around 2:00am. We gardened and bbq'd again today and I am freakin' tired! But it was such a happy fun time and we were thrilled to show off our new home. Pictures!

So Jeff and I wanted to have a few activities going on during the party to keep everyone entertained (and you can only hula hoop for so long) and we realized that we were going to have a ton of really great artists pass through our backyard, so we got a bunch of paints on clearance and some leftover spray paints from Mark, and we had a free for all on our ugly cinder block wall! Mark Miller started it off with his signature stripes:

Apparently everyone liked the idea because this is what the wall looks like now!
Dang!! It's pretty amazing. And awesome for the resale value on the house I'm sure. Good thing we're not selling EVER! We had a lot of fun with it so all of our parties will have the backyard wall painting going on. It will be a revolving mural of craziness.
Here's the other wall and a sneak peek of my raised garden bed! Andrew tagged the big white piece and Jeff practiced his tagging right below it. I love Sue B's garden goblin with the bean belly, he's like my scarecrow!
Here's Soobee! She did this funny little onion guy that Lee and Andrew put laser beam eyes on later. The collaborations that went on were so fun!
Here's little Izzy posing next to her masterpiece. She started out small and then grabbed a spray can and went to town. She was pretty impressive.
Here's Lee and Andrew Bakofsky painting sausage tears on the big face Matt started. So weird!
And of course, what's a backyard party without hula hooping? Miller and John were really good at it, which only strengthened Jeff's resolve to get better.
Here's my white trash Kodak moment. Silver bullet!
Crum was a hit! Of course... He was so well behaved too! 
Check out our new babies! Mark and Karen got us these sweet coolers, the big one has wheels and a pull handle! Such a great present. These will get LOTS of use.
Our friends were so sweet and we were showered with tons of wine, treats, flowers, and succulents! These gorgeous hydrangeas are going in the ground this week, thanks Sue and Scott!!
We got several beautiful orchids, I'm going to have to learn how to take care of these...
Isn't this neat? It's a glass bowl that looks like an open sandwich bag. Jana and Matt knew I'd love it. I'm going to put treats in it!
Naughty bottle openers!
Mandy made this awesome arrangements of peonies and lisianthus. It smells as good as it looks. 

Thanks so much for coming and helping us to break in the Daisy house friends! Many more to come...


Sue Blanchard said...

we had such a great time...i love you guys! and that wall is kick-assssss! leave the back gate unlocked and we'll finish the other one..hee hee
thanks again for having us over!

Mandy and Seth said...

thank you to whomever made my Crum painting ACTUALLY look like Crum! great party!

curtis03 Lewis said...

Housewarming parties are truly fantastic. I love parties but my home is small so always prefer outdoor bashes as they are more comfortable and I can invite all my friends. At some local party venues in Chicago we will host a fun pool party for family. Hope it turns out great.