Thursday, July 1, 2010


I just bought this Fjall Raven Kanken laptop backpack from Need Supply, Co and I can't wait for it to come. I have a silly big laptop bag right now that I carry in addition to a purse everyday to work and I schlep them both around to meetings, the scanner, in the house etc so it will be really nice to have everything in one bag that I can wear and keep my arms free. They come in different laptop sizes so I got the smallest 13" one which will suit my MacBook baby just fine. It will be a perfect "around-town" backpack for our trip to Scandinavia too, while we leave our bigger backpacks wherever we're staying. I'm not going to bring my laptop on the trip (it's not really mine, UCI owns it!) plus I can upload photos and blog from my iPhone. It was great timing too because Daily Candy just offered a 25% off discount code to Need Supply (enter code DCNS) so that helped.

I love the arctic fox logo, all the pockets, and the handles on top to carry it like a tote too. The Kanken Maxi is pretty sweet since the fox logo is a lot bigger:

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Va Fug said...

Hey i was wondering what to do with that inside foamy grey padding that sit inside the main pocket. Is it meant to stay there or was just an esthetic thing for selling the backpack? Dis you keep yours?