Monday, June 21, 2010

Car of the fruture

Carpool 3.0.

I still haven't heard from the insurance company yet if Sparkles needs to be put down or if she can be fixed. But Jeff and I have been looking at our options and this baby came along. It's a 2010 Prius and it's pretty sweet. It was leased for three years by Jeff's temporary boss who just decided that 4 months into this brand new car's lease, he wanted the newer 2010 Prius and went out and leased that. So he wants to get out of this lease and is offering it to us. He's paid the signing fee and 4 months already and is offering several more months paid for us. Pretty sweet.

We're test driving it around for the next couple of days while we wait to hear about Sparkles and so far I likey. The futuristic features are really nice and it's AWESOME on gas which is great for my commute, but I have a couple hesitations. It's an automatic, and I've always driven a stick. I'm going to miss that. Jeff's truck is a stick but it's not a sporty stick with zip which is what I enjoy driving. And it's champagne gold. Excuse me, sandy beach. Blech. But it's a great deal and a really safe choice. Good for when the bambinos come!

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