Sunday, June 6, 2010


I've been trolling Craigslist and eBay since we moved in looking for the perfect Danish modern credenza for the long living room wall and haven't found anything with the elusive combination of being the right size, right style, and right price. Impossible? Never. I have faith the piece will find me one day. In the meantime, we needed a placeholder. Jeff and I both hate buying temporary stuff, and would rather pay more to have something that will last either forever, or a really really long time. But that spot is the first thing you walk into in our house though, and we needed a place to drop our keys and mail and stash our games and had to put something there.

Anyways, I went thrifting today around Long Beach and found a perfect (for now) credenza. It's a little beat up, but with some orange oil love and some decorating, I think it's great and we'll be happy with it until the elusive one comes along. And the best part? IT WAS $15.99!!! A solid piece of vintage furniture for under $16. Only at the Goodwill I'm tellin' ya...

I saw the vintage dish drainer used as a mail and bill organizer in an issue of Budget Living magazine one time (I totally miss that magazine, right up there with Domino. So sad.) and thought it was so smart. I obsessively searched thrift stores in Irvine until I found one. I wish it came with the plastic silverware holder cup though, which would have been perfect for pens.
It has pretty good storage, it's about 55" long so the Monopoly set fits well in one of the drawers.
The top drawer even has partitions which worked out nicely for our decks of cards and Jenga. I have to say, I'm pretty thrilled with this thrift store score.

This was the wall that we were leaning all of the art pieces that hadn't yet been hung, so I had to get busy putting them up. Jeff went to go see the Lakers game at Jerod's so I hung everything without consulting him. That sort of happens a lot. Luckily he never seems to mind...
I made the hallway a little photo gallery of our family pictures and this photograph from Jeff's bachelor party. He's blowing a dandelion and Brian and Max are watching. I love it. We still need to print out some of our wedding pictures, those will go up here too.
I finally mounted the cut-out prints of my Jill Bliss Anima pieces. Jeff cut them out with an exacto knife (they were on brightly colored backgrounds that were red and green which was a little too Christmasy next to each other) and we sprayed them with adhesive and mounted them onto white illustration boards. I love how they look now. They are so stunning up close when you can see the detail.

Here's my collage of pictures of our parents and grandparents, which I've done about four times now. Every time I move, I take them all out and then have to rearrange them again. Hopefully this will be the last time. 
I hung this creepy self-portrait of our friend Matt Groller in the hallway where the Pennywise painting is. It seemed to match. We should hang Ken Garduno's boogeyman piece in there too, but he needs to get framed first. 
Jeff found these prints done by our friend Mark Allen Miller and I'm so glad he did. I can't wait to get them mounted and framed and hung up. Not sure where we'll put them yet... maybe the bedroom. We're running out of wall space...

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