Sunday, June 6, 2010

Gardening is HARD!

Our housewarming party is next Saturday (we tried to invite everyone via email and facebook and in person, but know we didn't reach everyone, so if you feel slighted, COME! We want you there, promise.) so we're trying to get those last projects somewhat done. Top on my list was getting our raised vegetable garden started. The area that we want to put it though looked like this at the beginning of the week:

Now after weeding by Jerod, Mandy, Jeff, and I, it looks like this:

Not bad, but we still can't put the bed there quite yet. I sprayed a bunch of cinnamon smelling eco-friendly weed killer over the roots of what we couldn't pull out, and then we're planning on putting down that weed barrier cloth (that allows drainage) and covering the non-bed area with mulch. Hopefully that will stop the weeds but we'll see. It's a learning process. 

This picture makes it look like Jerod and Jeff did all of the work while Mandy and I watched and drank beer, but no one was taking pictures of Mandy and me at Lowe's lugging 2x6x8' redwood boards onto a crappy cart that barely moved. We worked too. The dismembered Wedding Yeti did nothing but harbor spiders.

Ta-DA!!! One 4x8' vegetable garden bed, ready to be turned upside down and filled with nice loamy soil and seeds. I'm hoping next weekend we'll get to do that. Jerod is going to help us build a drip irrigation system for it too! I promise if you come to our housewarming party, I'm not going to make you help me weed and plant stuff. Probably.

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