Sunday, April 26, 2009

We're not allowed any more furniture.

I was so excited on Thursday because I won an eBay auction for this Danish Modern bookcase/room divider piece for next to nothing. It was a pick-up only piece so that's why I think I lucked out. It was fairly close by, in Ontario, so Jeff and I went and picked it up on Saturday morning. The idea was for me to give Jeff the rolling orange bookcase that we got as a wedding gift from Susan Bowen that I had in my sewing room, for his ever-expanding doll collection. I needed more storage in the sewing room so I thought this Danish bookcase would be perfect. And it was, except for the unfortunate fact that it wouldn't fit around the corner of our narrow stairwell to the upstairs. Jeff and I sweated, swore, and scraped ourselves up trying to wedge it in there but it just wasn't meant to be. It was literally half an inch off from fitting. Sigh.

So Plan B: IKEA. Oh IKEA, how you always come through for me. I found an even better storage cabinet there in a finished pine that matches Lily's bed nicely. We thought we were again having bad luck when we found out the Carson IKEA was out of them, but the Costa Mesa store had them in stock. I wanted to get it over with so we were about to head straight there when we swung through the As-Is section to see what they had. Wouldn't you know it, they had the exact cabinet I wanted, and even with the glass doors I was too cheap to get! It was the floor model so it had a couple scratches but nothing I wouldn't have done anyways just putting it together. And it was 50% off!! We loaded it up and it made it upstairs just fine. I stuffed it immediately with all of my goodies and it makes me so happy to have a place for everything. Jeff is pretty excited about his doll case too. :)

We went through a few options for the Danish piece and ended up putting it in the TV room, mainly because our TV fit eerily perfectly into one of the slots. We like the Yeti showing through the holes.

We took a break from it all today to visit my Anthropologie to pick up a gift for Carter, Gina and Brian's son. He turned 2 today and had a rockin' party. Almost as rocking as the vintage cheetah wallpaper I wrapped his gift in:

Is it weird that I took a picture of Anthropologie? The window display and plants were pretty!

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