Wednesday, April 8, 2009


On our way back from lunch today, Jerod and I saw a beautiful egret (is that what these things are called? I could only think of crane and Jerod came up with egret- sounds right) swoop down in front of my car and land in the grass by the road. He was so gorgeous we pulled to the side and took pictures. That's our office building behind him.

And then right in front of our eyes, he stalks and snatches a lizard from the bush! It was amazing. I felt bad for the lizard of course because I'm a bleeding heart animal enthusiast/lover but it was a pretty awesome display of the food chain. The egret swallowed the lizard whole and you could see it thrashing around in the egret's throat!! Totally gnarly. Pictures (not too graphic but I bet my mom is scrolling on past them):

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