Sunday, April 26, 2009

Maravilla Gardens

On Friday, Jeff and I were invited to a reception at Maravilla Gardens in Camarillo by our friends Matt and Jana who are getting married there this year in September. It was awesome, all the wedding vendors were there to advertise their goods so I got to eat about 34 samples of cake, a bunch of appetizers and entrees, and lovely sangria. We had a blast. Mandy and I are doing the flowers for Matt and Jana's wedding so I went to scope out the surroundings and to talk with Jana about what she envisions for the flowers. Luckily she's not too picky. Mandy is the florist, I play the assistant. Here are some pictures of the gardens:

After Maravilla, we went back to Matt and Jana's to sample their options for their "signature cocktail" for the wedding. The hands-down winner was the pomegranate martini. Delightful. Even more delightful however, was their new couch. They found this gem at a thrift store and I'm seething with jealousy over it. It's upholstered in probably the coolest fabric I've ever seen on a couch. It reads like a lilac floral patterned motif but when you look closer you see it's awesomeness. Check it:

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