Thursday, April 9, 2009

Save the Apis melifera!!

That means save the bees! Anybody that has been paying attention knows that bees are being threatened by colony collapse disease and seeing as how bees are responsible for pollinating over 100 types of crops nationwide, it's kind of a big deal. I have done my part by buying and enjoying Haagen Daaz's Vanilla Honey ice cream. It's been hard, and a sacrifice, but gosh darn it those honeybees are worth the effort. With Earth Day coming up though, and Anthropologie reminding me of the honey bee plight (their store windows and displays this month all circle around bees, with gigantic hive and honeycomb formations made of recycled materials), I want to do more. I checked out and downloaded their super cute Bee Book. Everyone needs to download it and give it to a kid. It has a lot of cute games in it. It also has a list of plants that bees like that you can plant in your yard to attract them and help them prosper. I'm going to try planting gardenias, mint, thyme, and jasmine around our house.

Go bees!