Monday, April 6, 2009

Fun in Fallbrook!

Jeff and I spent Saturday and a good chunk of Sunday down south visiting some of our favorite friends, Matt and Joie and their super cute munchkin Gillian. We started this playdate of Movie Marathons a little while back but it's been scaled back to a Movie Double Feature because we're old and get tired early. They have the most incredible movie set-up at their place. A HUGE plasma, surround sound, and blu-ray make for a very nice showing of Casino Royale. Before the movies we played in their orchard, picking oranges to make tequila sunrises with, and then chucking the rotten oranges at distant trees making them explode. We got sticky but it was a lot of fun.

Also a lot of fun was touching their two shaved kitties. Poor Cleo and Leah get mats in their long fur so once in awhile they have to go in to the vet to get shaved. They were soooo soft and adorable, it made me consider rolling Lily Mae in tree sap so I'd have to take her in to get shaved too. She wouldn't rock the lion mane though so the cuteness factor would go down. Lucky for her.

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