Monday, April 20, 2009

Anthro scores!

Sales at the Torrance Anthropologie are the best. They have a whole room devoted to the sale clothing, and bookshelves and a big table for all of the housewares on sale. Erika and I went on Saturday to try and buy her the floor model Ditte sofa. We've both been in love with this beauty for awhile, and now that Erika is about to move into a new place and is in need of a sofa, this one was perfect. It was discounted from about $3500 (!!) to $750 and because it's a friends and family sale, Erika was supposed to get an additional 40% off. Super cheap!! We thought it was a done deal so we stole Jeff's truck and headed out. When we got there, this little snotty kid was playing with a toy on it and rubbing his face all over the cushion. We shooed him away and started inspecting. It was dirty and a little roughed up, but wabi-sabi cool. Then the salesperson crushed Erika's dreams by telling her the 40% off didn't apply to damaged items, which apparently this was. Lame!

Anyways, we still scored some awesome items. I got two pairs of pants (one discounted to $12!) and two shirts, more mini latte bowls because I'm obsessed with them, a mini colander for berries, a fantastic measuring pitcher/vase, and a Marimekko shower curtain for the downstairs bathroom. All for under $150. Not too shabby. Erika also walked away with probably the cutest little hibatchi grill I've seen in my life. It's dark green on the bottom and light green on the lid. So sassy I wish I got a pic.

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