Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Santa brought me Noguchi!!

We got a new coffee table. It happens to be a Noguchi (sort of, a repro of a Noguchi. CLOSE ENOUGH.) and it happens to have been free. Jealous??

Back when I bought my womb chair from Alex at Modern Chair, there was a mix-up with the container space during the shipment and my chair got left behind. Womp womp. Because I had to wait an extra 6 weeks for my chair, Alex so generously made up for it by giving me a free coffee table of my choice! I've always loved this Noguchi one but never loved the $1400 price tag it comes with at DWR, so I was pretty thrilled to order this one up.

It's got a walnut wood base, and the tempered glass top weighs more than me. It's a solid table. Jeff loves it too so it's here to stay!

Alex also gave me this mini Eames chair as a Christmas present, and it looks great next to the mini guitar Jan gave Jeff. I like mini things.

My mid-century modern house dreams are coming true!!


Christy Holmes said...

What! That's awesome! I saw this exact coffee table on a DIY Network show - it was like $3,000! Score!!

Henry Miller said...

Holy crap! that's awesomeness!!!!