Saturday, December 3, 2011

Stolen from Jeff's phone

My brain is slowly growing back after Elsa the Fetus sucked it out of me when I was pregnant so I'm still kind of forgetful. Case in point- I had to go to Philadelphia this weekend for a clinical trial start up meeting for work and about five miles away from LAX I realized that I left my phone hidden under the comforter of our bed. D'oh! So I made Jeff give me his and we essentially swapped lives for two days. It was fun going through all his stuff. These are some of my favorite pictures I found:

Gaaaahhh... her face in this one is so dang cute. I know exactly the HMMMSPPIIITTTRAAZZ noise she's making here too.

This was her Thanksgiving outfit. A denim Baby Gap jumper over a light pink onesie and maryjane sock knee highs.

Lynne requested the head flair. Jan's going to look at Elsa's thighs here and go "Ugh." He thinks she needs to work out.

This crocheted hat was labeled on the Baby Gap website as a "penguin". Um, no. You are a lamb. Isn't her Pooh sweater cute?? Thanks Joie!!

Andy is such a nice person. Anyone that lets a baby put their clammy spitty hands all over their face is a really nice person.

Karen and Kim are also really nice people because they make cakes and host dinners for my birthday. Here's a close-up of the cake Karen made. Such a cute little Happy Birthday garland!

It was a poppyseed cake with a sherry icing. Sooo good. And pink! Winning.

Henry was charming Elsa and she ate it up. I wish I was there to see this in person.

I'm going to trade phones with Jeff more often. This is fun!


ET said...

Yes, in hindsight leaving your phone at home worked out well, Liv. Shows that you are not the only good photographer in the family. Great job, Jeff. The first and the last pictures in the post are my favorites: The first because she looks a LOT like her Cuban grand mother did when she was a baby, and the last one because you can see that Elsa and Henry will be good buddies.

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