Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas to ME!

Lynne is kind of an amazing gift giver. She should take pride in her work, she does such a good job. I think it goes back to the birthday parties she had when she was a kid and the awesome goodie bags her mom would send us home with. They were themed to match the theme of the party. I mean, c'mon. Bonus points. Her mom taught her well because look at the gold she gave me for Christmas:

No, your eyes do not fool you. That is a ceramic sculpture of a classy Victorian lady bird wearing a crown. Genius. By artist Robin Van Valkenburgh (she IS The Runny Bunny Lynne!).

WHAT!? There's more?? Yes friends, we also got this awesome eco-orb terrarium. So cool and prickly! She got it from her friend Amy's store in San Diego called Pigment, which I *may* be dying to go to now.

WAIT, WHAT!? MORE?? No. This one I bought for myself. How loser-ish is that? I bought a friendship puzzle necklace for myself. I told Jeff I bought it for us and that he gets the You necklace and I get the Me necklace and he believed me for a few minutes. UGH. Men in gold necklaces. No thanks. I'm going to give one to Elsa when she's old enough to wear jewelry without trying to eat it.  I got it from Anthropologie during one of their Extra 50% off Sale items sale! Those always get me, especially when paired with free shipping.

This is what made me do it:

It was 86% off!!!! Yes. Originally $548 (!!) marked down to a cool $75, much more in my price range. It's the A.P.C./Anthropologie collaboration quilt and I'm dying over it. It's beautiful. We have several really crappy old blankets we make our guests sleep with but no longer. Those are getting chucked and this beauty is taking their place. Or it may live on our bed depending on how crazy that pattern looks with the cheetah piece over our bed. Either way- score!!

It'll be an heirloom. I'll lie and tell everyone I made it and they'll think I'm amazing.

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Henry Miller said...

I agree with everything written in this post! score!