Saturday, December 3, 2011

Gimme Gimme Gimme

J.Crew has taken over Anthropologie in the Battle of Liv's favorites. The new catalog gave me shopping shivers. Here's what I want, feel free to buy any of these for me:

Girl's Buffalo Check Collarless coat. The benefit of being the size of an 8th grader is that I can fit into girls and women's clothing. Size 14 baby! This is such an awesome and cheery coat and I love the collarless style and shorter sleeves. So chic.

Wildcat dress. Yup, that's the name of it. Roar. My mom and I both swooned over this one. Leopard print that isn't skin tight is so versatile. The shape of this dress is perfect, and I'd wear the shit out of it. I'd wear it so much people would roll their eyes when I show up yet again wearing it. 

Mona oxford pumps. Can you see the glitter? Look closer. The black parts are glittered! I love these very much. They also have them in flats but where's the fun in that?

Glitterati flats in Cherry. Okay these flats are way fun. Because they're red and sparkly. These in high heels would be a little too Dorothy. In flats they are perfection.

Marc by Marc Jacobs rose gold heart earrings. These aren't J.Crew but they are rad and I want them so they make this list.  

Finally! A post that isn't about babies and cats! Lynne will love it. The rest of you will complain. Okay twist my arm. I'll do a baby post next. 


Megan said...

hey, just throwing this out there...if you also have tiny feet, as i do, meaning I wear a 4.5 in girls shoes...go to target, there you will find sparkly red flats that look exactly the same....and cost 12dolla!

Liv said...

12 dolla holla!! I went, I saw, I passed. I realized I'd probably look ridiculous in red glitter flats. Good tip though, thanks! I'm putting the $12 towards those heels instead!