Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My little workshop

Some of the Christmas crap I've made recently:

Lavender scented sachets with Nani Iro fabric and gold pleather.

Sachets bundled with a Rifle Paper Co. Botanicals collection notebook and these fabulous  watercolor bird gift tags by Becca Kallem (free to download!).

Fabric basket made from IKEA black and white striped canvas and gold pleather, housing a little goodie.

And I also made a bunch of these almond butter blackberry jam thumbprint cookies. You need a gallon of milk to drink while eating two of these.

We (I- as if Jeff helps with this stuff) didn't decorate too much this year. No tree because of the Siamese rascals, plus I didn't need one MORE thing to clean up after this week. I had a few special ornaments I wanted to show off so I made a Christmas chandelier. Why not? I hung my favorites from it, including my birthday present ornament from one of my favorite artist/friends Mr. Nathan Spoor! It's double-sided and has Siamese cats on it. I *may* love it more than the baby. Just kidding, but seriously, it's close.

Siamese cat painting the walls with cat turds. Because that happens.

And Tyr and Thor teaching Elsa about science. Could it be more perfect?? No. No it couldn't.

And of course our Christmas Cholo. Back and bustin' heads!

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