Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Holiday Re-cap

We were back home up north for Christmas and spent a week eating, sleeping in, and passing off the baby to some very open arms. It was an awesome holiday and made us feel pretty dang blessed with all that we received. Pictures will tell it best...

Elsa was SO good the whole week, sleeping in until 9:30 and hamming it up for everyone (and then promptly turned into a whiny little beast that doesn't sleep as soon as we got home! What's up with that??). She was an angel with the great grandmothers, they loved holding her.

I think my dad clocked in the most minutes spent nuzzling the baby. I'm surprised she still has skin on the back of her neck from all the mustache rubbing that went on back there.

See? Everyone loves to sniff a baby. Except Jan. He doesn't get the appeal.

My mom crocheted Elsa some holiday hats, as if she didn't look Elvish enough to begin with. Super cute.

My mom also crocheted these Rasta hats/dreads for the boys. Not as cute as Elf baby.

These were the two hits, the MamaRoo and the American baby doll. The MamaRoo was passed on to us from family friends (thanks Monica and Bob!) and is a high-tech piece of baby happiness making machinery. Grammie got Elsa the doll and she lights up every time she sees it. I think she thinks it's another real baby. Big hit.

It looks like she's spanking the doll here. She was just excited.

4 generations!!!

Huh, just realized Jeff didn't make it into this one. Ah well.

Oh there he is.

And home sweet home! Andy and Kim took care of our boys while we were away and we swear Thor put on some weight. I think ditching that infected fang did him a world of good. He's back to being show cat quality. They seem happy to have us home and we certainly missed him.

If Jeff stays out with the baby long enough, I'll put together a 2011 recap post, because those are always fun.

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