Sunday, February 13, 2011

We're so domestic!

Lest you think we just stay at home and make lasagnas and garden all weekend, Jeff and I actually do cool stuff too. Like on Friday night we went to dinner at Buddha's Belly in LA (and saw a famous actor! But I'm no name dropper... okay, okay! It was James Cromwell!) with the handsome Nathan Spoor and then over to Kevin Smith's Smodcastle for their evening Planet Illogica podcast show with an acoustic performance from Shiny Toy Guns, followed by an interview with a REAL LIFE SUPERHERO, and then we closed out the evening with pie at LA's House of Pies. So that was our Friday night.

Now back to gardening. Look what we did today!

We bought some new big fire sticks (they were $29 at Home Depot for this size and $8.99 at the nursery where we bought our lemon tree!), rosemary, and more dusty millers, and transplanted some of the succulents from the backyard, and spread out more mulch that we had to buy at another Home Depot since Mandy and Seth bought out every bag they had at our local one! Check out the baby bump in the window reflection!

Jeff ripped out those big spiky plants we had in front because they were just a mess, and shading all of our succulents so that wasn't good. Neither of us liked them anyways. Good riddance! The fire sticks and rosemary plants should get pretty big to fill in some of the sparse areas.

This planting area is to discourage the mailman from cutting across our lawn to deliver our mail instead of using our clearly demarcated brick walking path. Use the path!!

More fire sticks and a rosemary plant... the fire sticks are called that because they turn yellow to orange to red depending on how much sun they get. Hopefully they'll start to change colors now that those stupid useless plants are gone.

This side is looking a little bare but those dusty millers and rosemary will get bigger and will fill out the space. Eventually we'll put flowers in the boxes too for a little color. 

And just so you're not too impressed with our gardening skills, look at poor Linus. :( He's all yellow! We think it's because he just got way too much water during the storms we had, or because we hadn't fertilized him yet. I bought citrus tree fertilizer and Jeff administered the treatment. We talked to the guy from the nursery that came and planted him for us and he said we're doing things right now. He said the fertilizer should turn him green again. At least he's still producing lovely meyer lemons!

I have no clue what this plant is but I walked by yesterday and noticed it bloomed! So pretty.

Here's a close-up of our red cabbages, I like their purple stalks.

And our chinese cabbages which remind me of Cabbage Patch dolls.

And our rainbow lights swiss chard! The stems on these are so pretty. I can't wait until they get huge and I can start cooking with them.

Garden, check. And just in time for the rains we're about to get...

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Jan Trondsen said...

I could have introduced ya two to the singer of Shiny Toy knew she and I were tight right? Well MANY moons ago but that's another story....