Sunday, February 6, 2011

I SUGGEST you go see this show before it's taken down.

Last night's Suggestivism show was SO good. Everything about it was a great art show, not one of those where you walk around the gallery in 20 minutes, see everything, and then want to leave because you don't know anyone and no one is talking about anything but art. We stayed until the bitter end of this one because it was a blast. A lot of our friends came out, new friends were made, there were flowing free drinks (Hansen's Natural soda for Karen and me!), free artisan chocolates, and SO much to look at in the two gallery rooms and the store. Take a gander:

I didn't get great shots of the Mockingbird piano because the room was pretty crowded and they had a ton of professional photographers shooting everything so I'll just grab those pictures later. It was my first time seeing the piano in person too so I was doing a lot of gawking. It's really beautiful.

This piece below was another favorite, done by our friend Greg Simkins. Chunky Bunny soup does not sound appealing, but the painting was awesome.

I'm so happy we got to see Alex and his wife Akiko before they left, we just caught them on their way out. Alex did the piece below (and fun fact, Jeff, as his underpainter, painted the curtains and floor in this painting!) and it's hard to tell from the pictures, but it's gigantic. Like 5x7' or 6x8'. He goes big.

GelaSkins did new iPad and iPhone covers of Jeff's Mockingbird close-up! They were for sale at the show in the Grand Central Store. It was a surprise to all of us, Jeff didn't even know they were making them, and now of course we all want them. Luckily Jeff has got the hook-ups. Don't worry Mom and Dad, one of each will be coming your way to decorate your technology. 

This was another impressive friend piece. Brendan Monroe (whom we stayed with when we were in Stockholm last year) did this gigantic painting. Everyone had to get up close to check it out, as Jan is demonstrating here, because he used gloppy paper towels with paint covering them to build texture in the painting. It was creepy, but impressive.

Eesh... I forgot who did this one. Gorilla in a pink bunny suit though. Pretty great.

This is Nathan (not casual Jesus), the curator of this amazing show, being interviewed in front of his painting. The only thing more impressive than Nathan's beard-growing ability is how this man paints. I've seen a bunch of his paintings but this was the first original in front of me live, and it was so dreamy. I mean just that, it sucks you in and puts you in a floaty dream state as you're staring at it. Or him. He's easy on the eyes too.

We made a new friend last night, Joe Vaux (pronounced Vox- screw the French!). He's hilarious and great and told us stories of his 8 month old baby. He's an artist and has a great piece in the show, but Joe is also a storyboard/revisionist and assistant director on The Family Guy. AWESOME!! That's our favorite show that Jeff and I watch together. When I can make it to 11:00 on weeknights, I join him in his nightly hour-long Family Guy treat. Here is the list of Family Guy shows Joe has worked on. So cool.

And in case you were wondering if Jeff and Joe are wearing one-piece sweatsuits, yes. Yes they are. Planet Illogica sponsored the show and made these One-Z's for all the artists to wear. Jeff tore into his and jumped right in. They don't have back trap doors but they zip up from the crotch for easy access.

Also on the cool fashion front- Jan's wingtips and pegged pants showing off his argyle socks. Might look clownish from this angle, but trust me, it worked with the rest of his look.

Jeff, Tonny (Sorensen, owner of Planet Illogica), and Joe posing in their superhero peejays.

And a lovely little party favor. An edible chocolate box filled with more chocolates from Charles Chocolates! Best... show... EVER.

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