Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy birthday Seth!

The 8th was Seth's 29th birthday (can't believe he's STILL not in his 30's... geez, catch up already) so this Saturday we celebrated with dinner at our place and our awesome but sadly long distance friends Kelsey and Jake came down to join the party. It was good food, great friends, fun times. Pictures!

I made this almost vegan lasagna and it turned out deelish. *Please note that this picture is before it went in the oven. It looked lovely and melty brown cheesy on top when I took it out. I layered roasted red pepper marinara sauce, lasagna pasta strips, pureed soft tofu (which you can use as a substitute for ricotta cheese- more protein, less fat, same texture!), cooked spinach, parmesan (hence the not quite vegan), pesto sauce, seasoned with a ground pepper blend, and topped with more parmesan. Served with a rosemary asiago foccacia and a balsamic vinaigrette dressed arugula salad and everyone seemed happy!

Jeff was in charge of party decorations so he drew this award winning show cat on the chalkboard.

Mandy was in charge of her husband's birthday cake and she whipped up this beauty from her Barefoot Contessa cookbook. It was SO good. Exactly what a pregnant gal wants at the end of her meal. :) It was a dark chocolate cake with a raspberry filling and buttercream frosting. DECADENT. 

We brought out the cake ceremoniously from the kitchen with the candles lit and realized Seth was in the bathroom taking a leak. So we waited. 

Surprise!! This was the exact face and gesture he was making that one New Year's Eve when he sprayed beer from the mini-keg all over himself. Priceless. I just realized how many RVCA advertisements this blog has. They better start paying me! In fashions...

Thinking of a wish...

I wish for a mini-keg to spray beer all over me again!! Or a pony!

Awesome, right? Sooo tasty. Better than a box mix, which says a lot for me. I really like box mix cakes. 

After dinner we went to our friends Thom and Merrady's place in downtown LB for their Lovefest party. It was such a cool party, they really know how to throw one. There was a craft table so you could make your own valentines (above Jana's head in the photo is Jeff's valentine which looks like it started out as a heart and then got turned upside down to make a pair of boobs with red glitter nipples. That's my hubby!), a huge table filled with candy, drinks, and num-nums, and live music! They have a ton of musician friends and a bunch of instruments so people took turns getting up to sing a love-themed song. It was really great. Jana and Matt did a duet of Bruno Mars' song Grenade. They did an awesome job, I like Jana's voice more than Bruno's, any day. 

And hello, cutest baby outfit EVER. Kelsey and Jake were so sweet to bring us a gift for the little munchkin and I'm dying over it. It's from American Apparel which has a great little kids section full of soft organic cotton mini-hipster fashions. This looks just like an outfit I would wear, and now I'm kind of tempted to go and buy a matching mommy outfit. Obnoxious, right? So FYI to the grandparents, we LOVE A.A. baby clothes. Should you be tempted to buy us any. :) Thanks Kelsey and Jake!! And happy birthday Seth!

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