Monday, February 28, 2011

Everything is falling into place...

I must say, I got knocked up at exactly the right time. For these reasons, no particular order:

  • The aforementioned awesome friends Karen and Mark having had Henry almost 2 years ago making a lot of their baby gear now able to be passed on to us. 
  • Jeggings are IN. And not just for pregnant girls. You can find jeggings everywhere and they are awesome. Especially the hoochie low-rise ones that fit just underneath my expanding belly. I got these gray wash Mossimo jeggings on the clearance rack at Target for $10 this weekend and they are so awesome and comfortable that I picked up a blue wash pair too. My regular jeans are cutting in too much, even with the belly band so these are perfect. 
  • Any earlier and the Caravan crib wouldn't have been created yet. Man I love that crib. 
  • We wouldn't have been looking at baby clothes at the thrift shop this weekend if I wasn't pregnant, and thusly, would never have found these gems:

Yep, that's a baby t-shirt with Ozzy Osbourne's mugshot photo from his 1984 public intoxication arrest on it. Jeff couldn't stop laughing over it so I let him get it. I found the adorable reverse cardigan sweater with the knitted terrier on it which made us laugh even harder. I think it's adorable, and makes us look like good parents despite the t-shirt she may be wearing underneath it.

  • Jill Bliss finally released yardage fabric of her designs! I've been wanting this for so long. This one is my favorite and I'm thinking crib sheets. It's a sign.

  • And lastly, I'm well within the "allowed to fly pregnant" limits so our planned Hawaii trip is still on! CANNOT. WAIT. 

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