Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I swear there was a good reason for this.

They were having a sale. A big one. Plus I had rewards cards I needed to use. I know people will be giving us lots of baby clothes, but before that happens and I feel guilty for buying baby clothes when we have a closet full of them, I'm going to buy things that I find adorable and want my baby to wear. These were from the Gap and Old Navy and were cheap cheap cheap.

I love me some stripes. This mini top is so awesome, and will be so cute with her little BumGenius' poking out. Those leggings are a size up so these won't be paired together. Too many stripes anyways.

These onesies look Charley Harper-esque. I love most things with animal print, but especially if they're graphic and in a repeating pattern like these. And they came in sets, with one striped and one solid onesie to pair with. They ended up being $2 each!

Remember my love for chambray? Well here it is with wood buttons, tiny pockets, and such a cute flared skirt. And it's a 6-12 months dress so we'll get a lot of use out of this one.

Everything came to under $24 so I feel pretty good about my little shopping spree. It was a good baby week. Gina brought us this perfect little footie bodysuit, with the tip of getting this style because pulling clothes over the baby's head doesn't always go over so well with baby. Noted!

Look how cute the details!

And awesome news from Karen and Mark... they're currently setting aside a bunch of their baby stuff for us, including the crazy expensive backpack style Medela double breast pump! Fist pump! They also have a bassinet, and this vibrating DwellStudio for Target baby bouncer that has an iPod hookup! Henry hated it but hopefully Skeletor the peanut likes it because it's too cute not to have out.

It really is awesome to have friends with older babies... we timed it perfectly!


Diana said...

Cute stuff and so both of you! Do not call her Skeletor anymore! Like peanut much better...

Liv said...

Okay okay... it's changed. ;)

Henry Miller said...

I like skeletor!