Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This one's for you Dad

You were asking about the backyard at the house... here are some pictures!

That's the kitchen window behind the weird pod tree.
This is the driveway in front of the garage. Not sure why it's gated off from the rest of the backyard, but it will be handy to use for putting Jeff in time-out.
That's the side of the garage, and the gate door goes to the alley in between the blocks where they pick up the trash. Those are camellia trees next to the garage and the orange tree is peeking in on the right.
This is the stone patio outside of the den window, where we'll put our outdoor table and chairs. I like the big fluffy palm tree bush that shields the yard from the neighbors.
The pods turned from a pretty green to a yucky rotten banana brown over a few weeks. We have to figure out this tree and what it is. I'm not sure if the pods are supposed to turn brown, or if they'll all fall off in a couple weeks or what. It's a mystery tree.
This is the rest of the lawn. There's a weird patch of bushes in between the lawn and the stone patio that we'll probably take out and replace with a fire pit. For s'mores!
The view from Jeff's time-out area to the den's sliding glass door and patio.
Behind the garage, the grass really popped up after these crazy rains we had. 
Another view of the camellias. Pink!
And the cherry blossom tree is blooming! So lovely...

I wish I had the "blueprints" Jerod and Jeff mocked up for their plans for our backyard. If memory serves me, there was a one meter dash track, a balloon volleyball net/clothesline, a wood chopping station, and paddleboard/trash boat storage. Sigh.

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