Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Home inspection, CHECK!

We had the home inspection done this morning on the Daisy house and all is good! There were a lot of great discoveries (a brand new 200 amp electrical box was installed which is several thousand dollars to do and gives us plenty of room to upgrade the electrical when we convert the garage, all copper plumbing, a few cracks in the foundation were repaired really well with steel plates bolted to the foundation which the inspector said he hardly ever sees but should, a new water heater, and almost all new double slider windows) and not a whole lot of repairs.

Jerry, the awesome inspector, took us through the maintenance we would need to do to keep the house in its tip-top shape which was really helpful, considering we don't know much about maintaining a home. The one big ticket item that he suggests we get to when we have our dollars saved up, is rewiring the house since it hasn't been done and is getting to the end of its life. That's a pretty darn big job and he guesses around $5,000 to do it all so maybe something we'll spend our tax rebate on. Fires are my #1 fear and it's something we'd have to do at some point anyways so I'd like to get that taken care of as soon as we can. Everything else though looks good so we're counting ourselves lucky.

Next up, appraisal!

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