Monday, March 22, 2010

Sewing my stress away...

This is how I manage my stress. Sewing frenzies. 

More fabric baskets. These are satisfying to make because they don't take a ton of time or fabric and I like how they're all uniform in size and shape. OCD much? Yes.

I just had to make something from this fabric. I love it. It's lined in the same and the handles are braided strips of black and white lined leftover fabric that Jerod gave me. 

Ah the wedding circle quilt. Coming along nicely I should say. Three quadrants done! It took me an embarrassing amount of time to figure out sewing the two opposite circle arcs facing each other with their right sides before I realized they weren't supposed to lie flat. You just have to pin the crap out of them and sew slowly to get a nice rounded seam. Diagrams would have been helpful... 

The weather was lovely so Jeff and I went to our favorite Mexican joint in Newport Beach (El Ranchito) to share a Baja fish bowl and then headed over to check out the progress made on the Irvine Great Park. Not much progress so far but all the wildflowers were in bloom so it was really pretty to look at. We wanted to go up in the big orange balloon for an aerial view but it was grounded due to a high wind advisory. Bah! Next time. 

And then we ended our weekend with a game of sweet revenge: Sorry! I love how vintage this game looks even though it's brand spankin' new from Target. We love our board games. Jeff won 2-1. :(

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