Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm torn between being embarrassed about this and proud of it...

These are my inspiration slides for the house! I just can't wait. I'm chomping at the bit to start painting and decorating and designing and since I don't have the keys yet, I have to do it on the computer. It's pretty nerdy, I realize, but I don't care. Jeff and my parents already make fun of me for it so I'm used to the taunts. 

We want a big old schoolhouse chalkboard for the kitchen. Sue, get all of your teacher friends to start looking out for us. We'll buy the school a new one in exchange for an old wood one. :) We're going to use Mythic paint in the house I think, it's gotten the best reviews that I've seen. I love this dove gray color for the kitchen walls. 

We took measurements at the home inspection. The blue boxes indicate windows. 

I want a danish teak bed so badly it hurts. My parents have one and it's still stylish. 

We think we like this purple Geoff McFetridge wallpaper a little more than the dinosaurs for the dining room. The dinosaur wallpaper can go in the bambino's room. 

Here's that yeti paper, in all the colors. We still  need to see how the red looks against our pink fixtures (cool?? Hideous?) so we might go with the gray. Once we have money again that is. The toilet is a dual flush from American Standard. Eco-friendly!

And this is my amateurish layout of our living room furniture. That's my sexy chocolate sofa, the yellow side tables behind it, our coffee table that Brendan made in front of it, Scott's navy blue leather chair by the two windows and next to the fireplace, and our huge flat screen TV that my parents are buying us on my teak console.


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